Monthly Archives: July 2015

Resume Clichés – some of our favourites!!

While considering the next topic for our blog I sat back and had a drink to contemplate and find inspiration. I ended up still on the subject of resumes – I can’t help my endless quest to make the world a perfect place! Resumes/CV’s should be targeted and structured career biographies that reflect the candidates’ […]

Famous hotels and the celebrities that died in them…

Hoteliers see more than their fair share of life. Those who have spent even a few years working in the industry have their own stories of the weird and wonderful, the good and bad, the intimate and the extravagant – our industry is a microcosm of life and the world in general. So it is only […]

Twitter – who do I follow?

How on earth do I find people and why would I bother to follow them? This was my initial thought when I first signed up for Twitter several years ago. Twitter seems an unlikely and pointless platform – messages of 140 characters seemingly more in tune with the dark ages of text messaging. It seems […]