Weird and Wonderful Hotel Rooms

snow whiteHotel rooms come in all shapes, sizes and standards, from budget boxes like those found in Japanese capsule hotels to lavish, ostentatious suites at leading luxury hotels. But what about the other hotel rooms out there – the weird, unique and somewhat strange?

Whilst I was a young hotelier in London, my hotel had a “Snow White” suite courtesy of a promotion with our resident airline crew of the time. This suite was remodelled, right from the exterior door in the corridor, to resemble the house that Snow White shared with the seven dwarves in the movie. Our creative and talented maintenance team outdid themselves with this amazing piece of bedroom engineering. The room was used to accommodate prize winners who had won a trip to Disneyland with the Airline so of course the occupancy was somewhat limited. It was always funny when the hotel was fully booked. The ranting corporate client who did not wish to be relocated and demanded a room in the hotel was of course escorted to the Snow White Suite! There was generally 1 of 2 reactions – a quick decision to accept the relocation at a nearby hotel, or great amusement and the request for a camera to take photos for the family…

There are numerous examples of weird and wonderful hotel rooms around the globe, so here are a few of my favourites:-

Castle Room at the Propeller Island City Lodge – Berlin, Germanycastle room






Ice Suite at the Hôtel de Glace – Québec, Canadaice suite






Survival Pod at The Capsule Hotel – The Hague, The Netherlandscapsule hotel






The James Bond Suite at Hotel Seven – Paris, Francejames bond room






The Mine Suite at the Sala Silvermine Hotel – Vdstmanland County, Swedenmine suite







The Igloo Village Kakslauttanenigloo village




Car Wash Room @ The V8 Hotel – Stuttgartcar wash room







727 Fuselage Home – Costa Rica727 room






The Ice Age Room – Alton Towersice age room





The Crypt – Propeller Island Lodge – Berlin, Germanythe crypt room







About the Author

rsz_tim_johns_cc1Tim Johns is a former Hotelier and Managing Partner with Elite Search – a leading hospitality recruitment firm. For more information about Tim and Elite Search visit and The Elite Hotelier

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