5 tips to ensure your Resume gets a second look…

Resume Secrets Your resume or CV is the first place you go when you start your hunt for a new job, whether you are applying for your first position or are a seasoned executive.

It should go without saying that this document needs to make an impression as it will most often be the first thing your potential employer sees. A poorly written or constructed resume is certain to have the opposite effect, so what are the simple things you can do to ensure your details get a second look?

Well, look on the internet and you will see an ocean of information – some conflicting, so here are 5 items most agree on…

1. Format

  • Keep your resume clear, structured and ordered.
  • Use a good readable font 11 or 12 point size (Times New Roman, Ariel or Calibri are some of the more popular).
  • Do not use pictures, tables or other things that might impair readability.
  • Use heading and bullet points to draw attention to key information.

2. Main Headings

  • Use clear simple heading – this is not an essay so make it easy to find information.
  • Personal & Contact Information.
  • Education & Training.
  • Languages & Computer Skills (if relevant).
  • Career History in reverse chronological order from most recent.
  • Interests.

3. Other Headings

  • There is differing opinion regarding the use of other headings and also what information to include.
  • For example, using ‘career objective’ at the start of your CV might be fine if this is a first job, but of little relevance after that…
  • My preference is to see a brief introductory paragraph – this is an opportunity to sell yourself and highlight key skills, achievements and abilities. Think of this as a bio and think FIGJAM (look that up if you don’t know :))
  • In career history, briefly outline your role, responsibilities and achievements.

4. Length

  • Think Goldilocks – just right – not too short and not too long.
  • Ideally keep the document to 3 or 4 pages – max 5! – longer and it’s not going to be read.
  • Too short, say 1 or 2 pages, and it may be insufficient to provide enough information.
  • Remember, most CV’s only get scanned by the reader and a professional recruiter may spend as little as 6 seconds before moving on.

5. Language and Grammar

  • Saying you are professional and have great attention to detail doesn’t really cut it if your CV is full of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Take time to check and double check – get a couple of other people to read it, and if English is not your first language have it read by someone whose it is – even if you have to pay a few dollars to have a professional resume writer to review.
  • Think also about relevant keywords as many employers use databases and these keywords help you be found in a mountain of data.

You will find more on resumes in some of our other posts…

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