The Restaurant and Hotel Guests from Hell!!

The internet loves a horror story. The pages of the Daily Mail are full of stories about our industry and the problems encountered on a seemingly hourly basis!

Rude staff, foreign object in meals, woeful restaurant hygiene, bed bugs, why you should unpack your luggage in the bathroom (yes, really!) and many more… If you buy into to all of these shocking headlines I don’t think you would ever eat in a restaurant or stay in a hotel again.

However, like everything there are two sides to every story (well actually three – his, hers and the truth!). There are a few brave souls that are fighting back, with stories about the weird and sometimes appalling treatment received at the hands of guests and diners.

Here are a few of our favourite websites and articles from the hotel staff or restaurant server’s perspective to add a little balance to the discussion.

The Restaurant Manifesto – An insider’s guide to the restaurant industry with dining tips, server gripes and ‘The Waiter’s Bill of Rights’

Confessions of a Bitter Waitress – A humorous yet honest foray into the daily lives of those who serve you food…

7 Stories from Hotel Employees on the Strangest Guests They’ve Encountered – Travel and Leisure

Dinners from Hell – Offers true stories about restaurant dining disasters written by diners, servers and chefs.

The Bitter Waiter – Like it says on the box…

The Slightly Cranky Waitress – Tales of a waitress who escaped the restaurant industry…

Servers Reveal Their Worst Diners From Hell Stories –

10 Ways to Make Your Server Hate You at a Restaurant –

15 Horror Stories About Working In Hotels That’ll Make You Gag –

23 Hotel Employees Reveal Their Craziest Story –
23 Hotel Employees Reveal Their Craziest Story

What is the most ridiculous or absurd reason for which a customer has asked for a discount on his/her meal?

About the Author

rsz_tim_johns_cc1Tim Johns is a former Hotelier and Managing Partner with Elite Search – a leading hospitality recruitment firm. For more information about Tim and Elite Search visit and The Elite Hotelier

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