Fun Hotel Facts – part 2

Continuing list of Fun Hotel Facts…

17. Popular hotels in New Orleans put grease on balcony support poles during Mardi Gras so drunks can’t climb in…

18. One of the largest hotel suites in the world is located 22 stories under the surface in the Grand Canyon Caverns. One night for two people in this 65 million-year-old cave is around $700.

19. There is a hotel in Kenya that also serves as a giraffe sanctuary, and the giraffes stick their heads into the windows to get snacks at breakfast time.

20. The Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kansa City USA had multiple crosswalks that collapsed on top of each other. 114 died and another 216 were injured. Up until 9-11, it was the largest structural collapse in the USA.

21. There is a hotel in Bolivia made completely out of salt, and licking the walls is strictly forbidden.

22. In 2014, chlorine gas was released in a hotel hosting the ‘Mid-West Furfest’ convention, injuring 19 people. The apparent chemical attack is unsolved, and the source of the chlorine is still unknown.

23. When Thomas Edison installed the modern electric lighting in the Ponce De Leon Hotel in St Augustine, FL they initially had to hire extra staff to turn lights on and off for guests that were scared of being shocked.

24. If you don’t pay a hotel bill in Ontario, there is a law that says that hotel can sell your horse.

25. A Chinese construction company built a 30-story hotel in 15 days. The hotel is energy efficient, has air 20 times cleaner than comparable hotels, and can withstand earthquakes up to magnitude 9.

26. The Virgin Hotel in Chicago has no check-in desk; it uses a smartphone system in which you scan a QR code and retrieve your room key from a vending machine. The personal comfort assistant app named Lucy can order more pillows, control room temperature, and coordinate messages with hotel staff.

27. Bulgaria has a hotel with an ancient Roman gladiator arena in the lobby. The arena was found during construction, so they incorporated it into the hotel.

28. A luxury hotel in Cannes, France, has a team of 5 trained attack hawks that it uses to keep pesky seagulls from harassing its wealthy patrons in outside seating areas.

29. The tallest unoccupied building in the world is a 3,000-room hotel in North Korea. Construction on the 1,082-foot Ryugyong Hotel began in 1987 and was halted in 1992. After a number of attempts to resurrect the project, the hotel still hasn’t opened.

30. The new Marriott in Port Au Prince is a teaching hotel and hiring priorities are given to Haitians in need of work over past experience or skill set in order to support the community. Extra showers and facilities were built for the staff, many of whom don’t have running water in their own homes

31. A number of hotels have begun “rent a fish” programs whereby for modest fee guests can borrow a goldfish to keep as a companion for the night.

32. A couple was charged $177 by a Hotel for posting a negative review on TripAdvisor.

33. The difference between Hotel and Motel is that motels are “Motorist Hotels” in that they are designed to have large parking spaces, usually, allow guests to park directly in front of their rooms and allow easy access to major roads.

34. In Asian hotels room, number 404 is usually missing because the repetition of number 4 is considered bad luck.

35. Every day at 11 am The Peabody Hotel marches their famed group of ducks through the hotel to the lobby fountain. At 5 pm these ducks return to their custom penthouse worth $200,000. They also have a personal assistant.

36. The world’s smallest hotel was built between two buildings in a gap of only 2.5 meters (8.2 ft).

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