Do Not Disturb!

A 2018 article in ‘Conde Nast Traveler’ suggested that due to events in the USA after the mass shooting in Las Vegas from a hotel room we will most likely see an end to DND signs in hotels as the hotels ensure they inspect rooms at least once in every 24 hours (

Most hotels have always inspected rooms regularly for a number of reasons, such as to check if the guest is still alive, ensure they are not setting up a meth lab or as in the case of the recent mass shooting, not hoarding guns and ammunition, so this is really nothing new…

Any failure to inspect rooms would more likely be due to poor procedures rather than anything connected with the DND sign but I guess it makes a good story.

A bigger threat to the traditional DND sign is more likely to be from technological advances with more hotels opting for electronic DND options.

However, it is good to see the that some hotels are using the DND sign to have a little fun with guests, with creative signs currently very much in fashion again.

Here are a few signs from around the globe and the internet…

Source: – Do Not Disturb: 15 More Creative Hotel Door Hangers – DND signs from around the world

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