Climate Change & Sustainability Imperatives for the Hospitality Industry

In many past posts on our blog and in articles in the Quarterly, we have discussed, ad infinitum, the topics of sustainability and climate change in the hospitality industry. Whilst difficult to summarise these articles in a few words, it is clear we think that our industry’s approach to the issues is too passive and is doing far too little to address these urgent matters. We are of course not alone in this, as countries and governments across the world are moving at a glacial pace to address the problems, whilst the actual glaciers melt at an astonishing pace!

As we hopefully, move out of the pandemic mode that has captured all our attention for the past couple of years and our world returns to a more normal state, this would seem an ideal time to turn our attention to positive climate action and to sustainable business practices before it is too late.

For the past 40 years or more, science has been largely ignored, but perhaps the recent climate extremes (floods, fires, droughts and so on) have started to get people talking, and in turn, they can put pressure on their governments and elected officials to accelerate their actions.

As for action in the hospitality industry; well, a conscious move towards less waste, more sustainable practices, reduced energy consumption and more renewable energy would be a start. Certainly, international brands need to do a little more than just send out press releases about the elimination of plastic straws!

Rather than ‘reinvent the wheel’, to follow are some interesting articles on the subject, particularly related to hospitality, so please take a little time to explore them and afterwards, consider your personal actions and what you can do to encourage your company and government to get moving so our children have a planet to inherit from us…


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