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Visit the Restaurants in your Favourite TV Shows…

If you’re a fan of movies and TV shows, you might have wondered what it would be like to visit some of the places you’ve seen on screen. Well, you’re in luck, because some of these restaurants are real and open for business! Here are 10 restaurants you can visit that have been featured in […]

An Ode to the Executive Housekeeper!

For many years, female Executive Housekeepers were an integral part of a luxury hotel operation. Starting at the very beginning of the post war hotel industry and going back to the days when Juan Trippe pioneered 5 star hotels to accommodate his PAN AM passengers and a gutsy Texan by the name of Conrad Hilton […]

Does Psychological Testing for Recruitment Work?

If you’re a hiring manager, you might be tempted to use personality tests and psychological profiles to screen candidates for a job. After all, they seem like a quick and easy way to assess if someone’s fit for the role and the company culture. But do they really work? And are they fair and ethical? […]

My Open Letter to Candidates!

In my quest to make our industry a better place and following some recent (and more frequently occurring) signs of inaccuracy in candidate resumes and applications, I have written an open letter, pleading for applicants to read and react… Dear potential candidate, Thank you so much for sending us your application! We have noticed from […]

Why do they ask me that?

Sometimes during an interview, you get either, very predictable, or occasionally weird questions, so do you ever wonder, why do they ask me that?

Songs about Hotels…

Hotels inspire stories and tend to often feature in popular music…

Observations of a not so Frequent Traveller…

While I generally avoid travelling during the holiday season, there are times when I just can’t avoid being part of the herd, that winds its way through airport terminals, shopping malls or cafés with staff looking tired and worn out from the onslaught over the Christmas period. My recent experience has me questioning the responsibility […]

The Time for Female Leadership has Come – Pushing Cultural Boundaries and Traditions

Industry leaders have given lip service to the idea of gender equality, but it seems things may actually be progressing…