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How to Ace your Video Job Interview…

Video job interviews were once the only ‘go to’ method for remote interviewing, where, for logistic or cost saving reasons, an employer would conduct all or part of the candidate screening process via systems such as Skype. Today video calling has become mainstream with a myriad of options available to everyone. Most people have access […]

Simple steps for effective candidate selection…

Conducting selection interviews can be a time consuming and frustrating process and let’s face it, most managers both hate interviewing and generally are not very good at it as they don’t interview frequently enough to develop the necessary skills.I once read that interviewing will only give you the right candidate 14% of the time, so […]

Is poor etiquette killing your job chances? 

It is with passion that we, recruiters, read through resumes that come across our desk. This is especially true when seeking candidates for a very specific job which is proving difficult to fill and where quality candidates are as rare as a diamond without flaws. There are many ‘rough diamonds’ out there and available, but […]

Beware of the Grammar Police – they may be reading your job application!

I have a confession to make. I am married to a member of the grammar police and I think it’s beginning to change my life!!!! I think we have all fallen foul of the grammar police from time to time. I blame Bill Gates and Microsoft for constantly incorrectly, correcting my spelling and grammar, even when I […]

8 ways not to engage with a recruiter…

Recruiters have always received a fair amount of abuse and criticism from job hunters, particularly when they do not get selected for a job where they think they are an ideal fit. As an example, just type “recruiters are” into Google and see the first search options that are presented… ‘scum, useless, liars and parasites’ […]

5 tips to ensure your Resume gets a second look…

Your resume or CV is the first place you go when you start your hunt for a new job, whether you are applying for your first position or are a seasoned executive. It should go without saying that this document needs to make an impression as it will most often be the first thing your […]

Common interview questions – Their meaning and their ideal answers

In earlier posts we have discussed various aspects of the interview process, and some pointers to enhance your chances whether the interview is face to face, by Skype or phone. The interview process can be stressful and unnerving, but if you are well prepared your chances of a successful interview and positive outcome can be […]

Job Adverts – has everyone forgotten how to read???

I read recently that in Finland, schools will shortly be phasing out cursive handwriting classes in favour of keyboard skills. It seems our digital age is finally catching up as officials in that country accept that texting, tapping on keyboards and tweeting have taken over as the primary means of communication. So as a new […]