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Imagine… A Day Without a Mobile Phone…

Modern convenience? evil necessity? cancer threat? explosive in our pocket? money maker? baby sitter? GPS? computer? TV? movie theatre? music machine? Or what? The mobile phone has become a part of our life, and for many, has taken on a life within their life. Imagine, a mobile phone free day once a year, a month […]

Hospitality Trends for 2018… what’s really going to happen!

  As the end of one year finishes and another new year begins, I eagerly wait for the avalanche of articles on the trends and predictions for the year ahead. I optimistically read each article with an open mind and absorb the wisdom of these writers and influencers, product pushers and visionaries, as they gaze […]

The Increasing Influence of Social Media and Review Websites…

In past posts on The Elite Hotelier we have discussed the importance of paying attention to reviews on social media and the major review websites. It is a well-trodden path and much written about subject and apparently everyone understands the increasing power of these sites and the importance to correctly manage the social media presence […]

Job Adverts – has everyone forgotten how to read???

I read recently that in Finland, schools will shortly be phasing out cursive handwriting classes in favour of keyboard skills. It seems our digital age is finally catching up as officials in that country accept that texting, tapping on keyboards and tweeting have taken over as the primary means of communication. So as a new […]

Lifestyle Hotel or Condom Brand???

Whilst we are still in the early throes of 2016 I thought it a good time to share one of our favourite articles from 2015. Published by Skift, the travel industry market intelligence platform (skift.com), is a light hearted but telling article and quiz – “Is It a Lifestyle Hotel or a Condom Brand?” It just […]