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Anecdotes from a past life or life past in hotels…

Having ‘been around’ for some time I occasionally have the desire to tell a story or two from the ‘good old’ days in the hospitality business…not too sure if they were always good, but they certainly were fun, and yes, we had fun even before the Internet age took over our imagination. Going back many […]

Shocking! Scandalous! Stomach churning! – All headlines appearing at a hotel near you!!!

If I have 5 minutes to kill my go-to destination has to be the Daily Mail Online ( Page upon page of the latest “news” all presented in bite sized articles featuring  todays newest disasters, celebrity diets, politician faux par’s, sex slave scandals and so much more…. In fact my beloved wife won’t go to […]

The simple guide to successful Telephone Interviews – Part 2 – The Interview

Telephone interviews are still very common when it is not easy or practical for a face to face interview for some reason. In Part 1 we explored the preparation needed in advance of the call (see here for more information ) and now we move on to the actual call. The primary difference between a […]