Monthly Archives: April 2016

Job Adverts – has everyone forgotten how to read???

I read recently that in Finland, schools will shortly be phasing out cursive handwriting classes in favour of keyboard skills. It seems our digital age is finally catching up as officials in that country accept that texting, tapping on keyboards and tweeting have taken over as the primary means of communication. So as a new […]

Predicting the interview questions…

So, you sent off your well-crafted CV and application letter for that dream job and lo and behold you get the call to attend an interview! Wow, that’s exciting, now what to you do? Well, as we have alluded to in previous posts, preparation is the key to success at interviews, so what questions will […]

The Rook Restaurant – The Two Ronnies

I was saddened to hear of the recent passing of Ronnie Corbett. Many of us grew up watching him and the other legend Ronnie Barker every week on TV. His legacy will no doubt live on in the sketches and reruns of their classic comedy which is still as funny today as it was then… […]